Writing Workshops with Keith Whelan

Hornsby Library, 28-44 George Street, Hornsby

Creative Writing: 10 November, 10am – 1pm

$10, Book online or at any Hornsby Shire library
Have you always wanted to write a story but didn’t know where to start or what to include and what to leave out?  Aimed at young and old, this workshop offers invaluable advice for novice writers and will help you develop the essential tools of creative writing.  Through exploring elements of fairy tales and narratives, experienced tutor Keith Whelan will help you bring your story to life.

how to get published: 24 November, 10am – 1pm,

$10, Book online or at any Hornsby Shire library
Self-publishing your work can be very intimidating, but with some planning the rewards in the end are worth it. There are many tools out there to help you publish your own book, but they don’t inform you about the ins and outs of self-publishing or how to be successful at it.  In this workshop, presented by experienced tutor Keith Whelan, you will not only learn how to self-publish a book, but how to set attainable goals, set up your branding, figure out if you need a barcode or ISBN, and decide how to market your book.